Linguistic Resources

We have a Google Drive collection of specialized resources, available here.

More generally, you could check these out:

What is Linguistics?

  • Why Major in Linguistics? A nice page maintained by the Linguistic Society of America. It’s more focused on college students, so there’s a lot of information about career opportunities.
  • What is Linguistics? A overview of linguistic areas and different linguistic schools of thought. Extra focus on sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics, and almost no NLP or computational linguistics.

General Linguistic Information

  • Articles in the Domain of Linguistics A series of articles on many different topics meant for the average (nonlinguist) reader.
  • Introduction to Linguistics Study Guide A brief technical overview of major linguistics subfields with practice problems. Focuses mainly on theoretical linguistics, although it does do a little pragmatics at the end. Very accessible and easy to read.


  • The Syntax of Natural Language Online textbook about syntax. It’s pretty good, although it tends to use a lot of jargon.
  • Basic English Syntax Very good introduction to basic syntax. Most other textbooks have a habit of introducing concepts, using them, and finally telling you that they’re wrong two chapters later. This book doesn’t do that.
  • Tutorial: An Introduction to Syntax A brief overview of major topics in syntax. It’s pretty easy to understand, and should give you the flavor of theoretical syntax.
  • Syntactic Structures in Music A look at music through a syntactic lens. What grammar governs good music?

Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing

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