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UMD Trip Summary

Lots of ling happened! Notes (big thanks to Megan Chao) available here.

At Marie Mount Hall
At Marie Mount Hall

Thanks to all our presenters:

Yakov Kronrod Introduction (and general organization)
Phillip Resnik Machine Translation (history)
Josh Falk Sentiment Analysis (movie reviews)
Mike Fetters Minimalism
Tara Mease Infant Language (Baby Lab tour)
Alix Kowalski and Chris Heffner Aphasia
Josh Falk (again) Phono-Poetry (stress patterns of Finnish)
Alexander Williams Semantics (implicitness)
Ellen Lau EEG and MEG (lab tour and discussion)

UMD Visit Details

UMD permission slips are ready at last! Please print out the slip, fill it in, and give it to me by this Friday (the sooner the better). Mr. Ostrander has asked me to point out that, although your absence will be excused, this is not a field trip or school-sponsored activity – e.g., if you trip and break your leg, you’re responsible.

We will meet at the attendance office at 7:35 – so just check in with your first period teacher. Please do not be late, otherwise we miss the bus and bad things ensue.

We’ll take the C2 to UMD (7:49 – 8:15) and back (2:25 – 2:56). Please bring school ID, and money/SmarTrip just in case. Our stop is University and Colesville (we’ll walk over together from the attendance office), and the other is just north of Marie Mount Hall, which houses the linguistics department.

Lunch will be provided.

Time permitting, we’ll very quickly run over to the dairy (also nearby) after the lectures, grab some ice cream, and be back at the bus stop by 2:20. Bring money if you want ice cream, of course.

Please bring your phones, and wear red! A notepad and an umbrella might also be useful.

Tentative schedule for the day (check later post for updated version):
Time Topic Speaker
8:30 – 8:45 Introduction Yakov Kronrod
8:45 – 9:15 Minimalism Mike Fetters
9:15 – 9:45 Machine Translation Philip Resnik
9:45 – 10:15 Sentiment Analysis John Falk
10:15 – 11:00 Infant Language Tara Mease
11:00 – 11:00 Aphasia Alix Kowalski and Chris Heffner
11:30 – 12:00 Lunch and Psycholinguistics Colin Phillips
12:00 – 1:00 Phonology Mike Key and Josh Falk
1:00 – 1:30 Semantics Alexander Williams
1:30 – 2:00 EEG and MEG Ellen Lau

UMD Visit

The UMD trip has been scheduled for 4/24/2013, which is a Wednesday (even day). There will be a talk at the LingBrains meeting, which focuses mostly neurolinguistics.

There will also be a a CLIP (Computer Linguistics & Information Processing) colloquium, although this may be too technical and inaccessible for us. However, there are lots of people from the CLIP Lab1 (ignore the security warning) that are willing to talk to us. Some other people have also volunteered to come talk with us, depending on our interests. So, send us a an email if you have a topic you really want to hear about at mbhs.linguistics@gmail.com.

For a general feel for the research that UMD does, take a look at the UMD Linguistics page and the IGERT page.