Dr. Lin’s NLP Study Group (4/13/13)

We will be meeting Dr. Lin from 1-3 on 4/13 at Quince Orchard Library. As a reminder, last time’s “homework” was to:

  • Look at this Java package. Try to get it running and tap into the public sample Twitter stream. (Sam’s created a package to help).
  • Download and play w/ the Stanford NLP tools. Play with some POS tagging, NE tagging, parsing, etc. Learn the API.
  • Think of interesting project ideas

About Alan Du

I'm one of the founders and co-presidents of this club. I also maintain this website. My main interests are all about cognition and intelligence. The idea that a bunch of atoms can combine and form something self-aware is absolutely fascinating. Linguistically, I'm interesting in integrating theoretical syntax with NLP, grammar inference, figuring out how the brain processes language, and creating a program with true artificial language capacities.

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