Cognitive Control and Bilingualism (Guest Speaker Susan Teubner-Rhodes 3/12/13)

Our visitor this Tuesday was Susan Teubner-Rhodes, a graduate student in the Psychology Department and Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program at UMD who researches cognitive control and language processing. She spoke to us about cognitive control and bilingualism in general.

Susan asked that we read pages 240-245 of Bilingualism: consequences for the mind, which is available in the Google Drive Resources collection.

TOPICS: Bilingual cognition, balanced bilingualism, interference suppression, activation of both languages in bilinguals (cross-linguistic priming, verbal fluency), inhibition of irrelevant languages (asymmetrical/trilingual switch costs), conflict monitoring, interference vs. facilitation, low vs. high monitoring, and brain activity for conflict detection

Slideshow available in Google Drive Resources collection.

Thanks to Megan Chao for notes.

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