Online Casino Bonuses

Online Casino Bonuses

The world of online casinos offer gamblers world wide lots of great reasons to come play at their casino. The major form these reasons manifest in is the Casino Bonus. Casino Bonuses and the structures of the bonuses vary from casino to casino, as well as by the type of Software that backs the casino.

For example, Microgaming backed casinos offer both Match Bonuses and No Deposit Bonuses to new players. Microgaming bonuses vary between casinos, but in general, all you have to do to collect on your bonus is send an email to the casino telling your deposit amount and they will go ahead and add the correct bonus to your account; some Microgaming casinos add the bonus automatically, so just make sure that you read about the bonus to find out if there is anything you need to do to collect your bonus.

If youre playing at a Playtech casino, they offer several different Match Bonuses at the time of your initial purchase, and these bonuses are always added automatically and immediately to your casino account.

If you are an RTG fan, their system is a bit different. The Real Time Gaming company offers several Free Casino Cash that doesnt require a deposit as well as enormous Match Bonuses that can equal up to as much as 999% of your initial deposit! RTG bonuses work on a coupon system. These bonus coupons can be redeemed by the casinos cashier by simply typing in the coupon code in the designated area and clicking the Redeem button. The majority of these coupon bonuses are added immediately when you redeem them; just make sure that each time you use a coupon that you enter and redeem it before making your casino purchase. However, RTG casinos are very understanding, so if you make a mistake when redeeming a bonus, simply contact their customer service department and they will help you to get it all straightened out. Odds On/Vegas Technology also gives out several great Match Bonuses. To collect on these bonuses, you just email the casino after making your purchase to collect your bonus.

Now, on to the legal/technical aspects of online casino bonuses. You should know that most casinos out there ask that you meet a minimum wagering requirement before collecting your winnings after collecting a Bonus. Wagering requirements amongst the different online casinos vary greatly and can be as little as 4 times the amount of the purchase plus bonus, to 20 times the amount of the purchase plus bonus. For instance, if you deposit $500 and collect a $500 bonus, you may be required to wager 10 x $500 for your deposit, plus 10 x $500 for the bonus. Before you collect any casino bonuses, make sure that you read and understand all the terms and conditions for any casino you play at. Also, some casinos restrict the games that you are allowed to play to meet your wagering requirements. These conditions are not always clear especially to the new player. If you have any questions, or can’t locate the wagering requirements for a particular casino, don’t hesitate to contact customer support and ask exactly what the terms are. Cashing out when playing on a casino bonus also depends on the casino, but in general, after you’ve met the wagering requirements, you are free to cash out what is left in your account. In some cases, the casinos treat the bonus as a ‘sticky’ which means that you can not cash out the amount of the bonus, but are free to cash out anything above that amount.

Now to explain the different kinds of casino bonuses available. Amongst players, one of the most popular bonuses available are the No Deposit Bonuses. As with all bonuses, these can vary in value depending on the casino. These are simply what the name implies – the casino gives you free money to try out their casino and you are not required to make a deposit to collect this bonus. Next on the list is what is called a Match Bonus. With this casino bonus, the casino offering the bonus will match your deposit, up to the offered percentage. This percentage varies widely from casino to casino, just make sure to read the terms and conditions of the casino bonus. Many casinos also offer whats called a Payment Method Bonus. This means that if you use the casinos featured Payment Method, you are entitled to a predetermined bonus for using that particular method.

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