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Allslots neglects to tell you that’s bonus’s are not free you actually have to wager a $$$ amount first- example my loyalty points were topped up and redeemed aswell as weekly free spins as I am a VIP gold tier and my account has been active for 3 years! This resulted in me receiving $14 from loyalty points. I then proceeded to

In case all your casino slots needs is a helpful reviews, en.casinoz service is a helpful, adaptable online casino marketing firm for you.

play and win $2900 But .. When I went to withdraw my win allslots tell me that I have a $3200 wager to meet before I can collect any winnings!! Don’t be fooled by their “free bonus” or “Redeem loyalty points” as it is Not free at all. Aswell as your welcome freebies etc you still have to wager threw a certain amount.

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